Laden Evenementen

7TH International Congress for Underwater Archaeology

In Helsinki, the congress focuses on delivering information and interpretations of the underwater cultural heritage or remains, which are strongly linked to living and working along lakes, rivers and seas. The aim is to share the experience of this heritage to the general public and to the research community. This mission of delivery becomes of great importance as it forms an integral part of the narrative told by the studies of our past. The importance of this task is highlighted in a world that faces challenges of the Climate Change, pollution of water, and other types of human related uncertainties of the future.

What is the role of maritime archaeology in building a better future for all of us? In sum, these international congresses have been an opportunity to increase the inter-institutional and international rigorous professionalized cooperation. We hope that the next IKUWA will bring new initiatives and cooperation for the future of mankind, and aid in developing maritime archaeological research in Finland, and participating countries. Our dream is to see the ratification of the UNESCO 2001 Convention of the Underwater Cultural heritage in Finland in near future.